So hot hot
It's the S the L the I the M
[Verse 1]
Let me tell you what I wanna do
Let me show you that I'm feelin you
Wanna freck wanna ride with you
Wanna taste wanna put my lips all over you
Can't get enough of you
A way to get u
So sweet I can't forget
So good girl you make me swet
Girl I'm talkin bout
Peaches and Cream
I need it cauase you know that I'm a fiend
Gettin' freaky in my Bentley limousine
It's even better when it's with icecream
Know what I mean
Peaches and Cream
[Verse 2]
I never thought that I would be
So Addicted to you
On top, underneath, on the side of you
Better yet baby right next to you
Love the way you're just flowin down
And I can feel it all around
In the Front in the back of you
OOh I l;ove the smell of you
Girl you know what I'm talkin bout
[Chours repeat 2x]
Won't stop girl you kow I can't get enough
Wanna taste it in the morning when I'm waking up
Like peach cobbler in my stomach I eat it up
Got your legs around my neck so I can't get up
See the boys 112 we from the A'
(A' shorty we don't play)
And when it comes to eating peaches, shorty we don't play
So all the ladies in the if your peach the shit
Put your hands in the air represent your clique
[Chours Repeat 2x]
Oh girl i need it
I gotta have it
It's always on my mind
Know what I mean
Peaches and Cream
I like it in my car
Or even in my bed
Or baby on the stairs
Know what I mean
Peaches and Cream
[repeat 1x]

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