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Big Ed — Make Some Room

featuring C-Murder, Mia X, Mac and Snoop Dogg

(Big Ed)
Nigga make some room, nigga back up, back up
No limit soldiers bout to act up, act up x2

(Big Ed)
Ha, Ha were my mother fuckin soldiers, its time for war (attention)
salute your captin time to get even
Fire in the hole take cover
got you punk ass nigga trippin fallin over each other
Seen that 50 calibur spit that bits, unload, reload and extra an clip,
I thought i was watchin gymnastics the way i seen that hoe flip
Its the A-S-S-A-S-S-I-N who am i (the assassin)
Big Ed be puttin it down like dat get your gat
A-R fully automatic now whatch how act
It’s survival of the roughest nigga, toughest nigga
When im drinkin happy, so they call Mr. bucka nigga
Ask my nigga Chris Artis he say No Limit niggaz be the hardest
>From Coast to coast regardless
Better then the last soldiers, throw yo nut, nigga what nigga what

Chorus x2

(Mia X)
N-O -L-I-M-I-T (Repeat)
Bout it niggaz from the streets (Repeat)
TRU is what we claim (Repeat)
We break that ass then we take names (Repeat)
Sound off (Click Clack)
Sound Off (rat tat tat tat)
Break it on down (We aint to be played with)
Shit! startes better take heat
Ya’ll could fuck around and get smoked like weed
Bleed like a minstral, boy dont play no games
We done give a fuck about tha family’s pain
All the game is me find me in the N.O.
Told ya he’s got no name once the 50 sprain
Who ya kiddin 2, whatcha been through
Aint the issue, choppers hit you
Nigga soldiers tryin to spit you
Rip you you to pieces leave you funky like feces
Talkin ride ride know when you aint tryin to see
Tthese down south about more problems than a lil
Watch out the bound nigga comin 4 your grill
The real feels so they tryin our shit
Why the fakes hate because they cant relate
Nut fuck it we got duckets in the buckets for a rainy day
And Momma Mia’s verbil A-K gon spray 4 my Soldiers

Nigga die die die in the swingin battlefield (field)
You can kill me if you kill (kill)
I got that horse shoe on my grill (grill)
I’m a soldier (soldier )I never die (never die)
When you No Limit niggaz, we stay camoflage (camoflauge)
The full metal jacket that Mac it i pack it clickin clackin
T start spittin, they start subtractin
No retreat no surrender never take me alive
Got the game in my vein and the killer in my eye
I’m shellshocked i aint you clock spittin and aint no bull shitin Murda,
murda that when yell before i serv ya
A-S-S-A-S-S-I-N dont make me dig into the hearts of men Wooo!


Im a motha fuckin no limit soldier till im dead and gone ya heard me and
i aint going never let a bitch nigga serv me
Bitch im bossalini that means I run all this shit
First leiutenant of a bunch of ignant niggaz in my tru click
Fo the fedz if my regrets be real
I cant explain why all my mother fuckin enimies is gettin killed
We No Limit Soldiers I thought I told ya
Make millions on rap my lyrics burn like dolja
We breed fight machines military minded mother fuckas
With a past of sellin crack 2 some cluckers
So make some room nigga, cause we combat ready
So back up , back up, or you gon fell this meshedie We Soldiers

Now i can lay play you or just spray you
Buck you up or fuck you up or just chill
And i will on real nigga
But id rather not speak on it cause i know niggaz be litenin and twistin
My vision is to stomp on niggaz like a marin core vet
We ease your stress with 2 to your chest
Mr gangsta ganasta how ya do dat
I’m a tru tankdawg & all ya’ll niggaz already knew that
I got 2 kids in the back seat of my tank
And 4 rights on the front door
And every state i go to hoes have to salute me
Even though they know they niggaz probably wanna shoot me
But thats what big pokey & big V-90 there fo
C-murder is fool and Big Ed you know hes got tools
And Silkk got all the bitches in high school
Livin the life of a no limit soldier man that shit is way too cool Now I
don’t know what ya’ll been told
(I don’t know what yall been told)
But gangstas and soldiers boy they roll
(Gangstas and soldiers boy they roll)
Guns ammunission and plenty of weed
(Guns ammunission and plenty of weed)
And a couple bad bitches oh yes indeed
(Couple bad bitches oh yes indeed)
Sound off 1-2 Sound off DPG