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Gilbert O'sullivan — I’m Not Getting Any Younger

I’m Since I’ve known you we’ve always been together And in that time the love we shared we vowed would last forever Yet marriage is a subject you approve providing it has nothing whatsoever to do with you And much as I respect that view have to state my case Though I’m far from being over-the-hill It occurs to me with each passing day That I’m not getting any younger God knows it wasn’t my idea The years that used to take An eternity to make Are now passing at what seems like one a week. If only we’d have met when I was your age wouldn’t have this awful fear I get when I leave your place You don’t know how upsetting it can be To hear you talk of future plans None of which seem to include me Blue jeans and high heel boots are great course I still wear mine quite a bit But it’s now more apparent than ever before Despite keeping myself fairly fit That I’m not getting any younger Even those grey hairs are now starting to appear And there are lines under my eyes That never used to be this size Even though it could
be due to lack of sleep 3omething tells me that it’s more to do with passing years. At times I think perhaps it would be better If rather than go on this way posted you a letter Explaining in great detail why I feel The way things are between us Suits you much more than it suits me You have you whole life ahead of you Well damn it I also have mine And unless I am by nature a freak There’s no mistaking those deadly signs And I’m not getting any younger Look closely now and you will see The rebel in his teens Who thought all adults were obscene Is now somewhat disenchanted with the news That kids today have got no respect for his views And I’m not getting any younger Gone are those days when school reports were all I feared Now for the first time in my life I’m seeing something I don’t like And am powerless to prevent from happening One day you’ll find out for yourself just what I mean.