they call me yungcuzz and i'm a young ass balla,
i'm ballin' so hard, i might be a shotcalla
you got freestyle kings,but i'm tha freestyle prince,
when i hit you wit' my right i'm gon' give you since
when you rumble wit' me, you betta be brave,
if you don't, i'm gonna dig yo fuckin' grave.
now,you know about my situation
in commerce,texas it's tha fuckin' cuzzalation
i'm gonna put it down for tha dirty south
gold w/ platinum stones in our mouth.
while we poppin' our colla
these hoes wanna holla
at a young nigga wit' a 6-4 impala
it's gon' be a massacure
if you ain't from here
at parties, we don't drink no beer
we drank that hard shit
that'll get you drunk quick
if you drink fast, you gon' feel like shit
while i'm drinkin' lemonade
rockin' sache shades
my diamonds gon' blind while yo shit steady fade
i'm gon' get paid
then get laid
i'm 5 fuckin' screens in my escalade

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