(talkin)Remember me cuzz?I'm that crippen ass nigga ya heard
now i'm fixin' to let ya'll know what i do check it:
i'm a C-R-I-P till i die
i bust a muthafucka for askin me why.
i don't play that shit
you dumb ass bitch
you know how it is you ain't nothin' but a snitch
i'm tha nigga in texas crippen
never slippen
and alwayz bust a nigga trippen
i don't play cuzz i ain't no punk
you fuck wit' my shit, yo ass get stunk
like a fuckin skunck
man pop tha trunk
you know you like a ship ass gettin' sunk
fuck these dumb hoes they ain't shit to me
i'm gon' represent my set in tha H-O-L-E
don't you know i'm from COMMERCE,TEXAS
where all we ride is hummerz and lexus
i'm 15years old
my game is so cold
i walk down tha streets and you know i'm bold
i'm gon' survive
keep tha MERCE live
if you got beef, come to MLKING DRIVE.
you we profyle
man that's our style
on friday nights we get buck wild
i'm playa-hated cuzz i got some blue alligators
and tha matchin car it's a blue navigator
i'm gon' bounce cuzz my time is up
don't get me wrong i'm bout to blow up
(talkin)I told ya'll niggaz i'm bustin' slobs everyday

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