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Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 09:57:40 -0400
From: Uwe Schramm
Subject: Throw you hatred down by Neil Young
From: Mirrorball Neil Young
Throw your hatred down
Crd by Uwe & Katrin Schramm/ Kevin Collier
(Suggestions/ corrections welcome, [email protected])
Am G F7
Here in the consious world we place our theories down
Am G F7
Why man must bring us to our knees
Am C F Em F
Before he sees the weakness of his sinful plan
Em F Em G G7
The power in his hand will never touch a friend
Throw your hatred down
C F G7
Throw your hatred down
Meanwhile in the underworld the weaknesses are seen
By pesants and by president who plan the counter-scheme
Children in the schoolyard finish choosing teams
Divided by their dreams while a TV screams
Throw your weapons down
Throw your weapons down
The weel of fortune keeps on rolling down
The street that' paved with sinful plans
There but for circumstance may go you or I
Dressed in golden lame find a place to stay
Throw your hatred down
Throw your hatred down
Throw your weapons down
Throw your weapons down

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