NOTE : This song is a piano song that you have to listen
if you want to sing and play guitar correctly.
Also, you have variations of basses on the intro
and at the end of the song, over a unique chord
...easier thing to do on a piano than on a guitar.
This is a beautiful song, so take time to learn it
and don't give up at the first try!
Thi. Dauriat [email protected]
INTRO : Variations of basses on a F
Bb C F
Take my hand, I'm a stranger in paradise.
Dm Gm C F
All lost in a wonderland, a stranger in paradise.
Em F Am Gm C F
If I stand starry-eyed that's a danger in paradise
Bb Dm Gm C F
for angels [?] from beside a [?] like you.
F Fm Fm F# Ab Bbm
I saw your face and I ascended,
Gm Bb F Gm
out of the common place into the rare.
F# Bm
Somewhere in space I hang suspended
Bb F
until I know there's a chance that you care.
won't you answer this loving prayer
of a stranger in paradise?
Dm Gm C F
Don't leave me in dark despair for all that I hunger for.
Em F Am Gm C Am
But open your angel eyes to the stranger in paradise,
Bb Dm Gm C Fmaj7
and tell him that he will be a stranger no more.
F1 F2
a stranger no more
a stranger...
Then, like in the intro : Variations on a F then applaude, then cut.
Starring : (in order of apparition)
Bb x13331
C x30210
F 133211
Dm xx0231
Gm 355333
Em 022000
Am x02210
Fm 133111
F# 244322
Ab 466544
Bbm x13321
Bm x24432
For the 3 next, play the E string with thumb
Fmaj7 133210
F1 130210
F2 110210

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