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You have to be a real hard core fan to be familiar with this one since it's
only available by bootleg. I have only heard it once. Enjoy!

Sad Movies: CRD's AKA: Days and Nights We Walk these Aisles-Neil Young

Okay everyone, I just figured this out, I think it is, for the most part,
correct...other input is always welcome, of course.

Transcription from Amsterdam, March 26, 1976...

Chords used: G: 320003 B7:x21202
Bm:x24432 Em:022000
Am:x02210 D: xx0232
C: x32010 CaddD: x30010
Dadd4/9: x54030 (regular C slid up two frets, a la Sugar Mtn)

G Bm Am
Day and night we walk these aisles, in the same old movie show
B7 Em D
We look for someone to hold for a while
G Bm Am
There's matinees on Saturdays and we sit in the velvet chairs
B7 Em D
With popcorn boxes flying through the air

G C Dadd4/9 C C/B G
Sad movies, they make you cry, sad movies, make you wonder why you ever came
Do something to me, don't make me wait
Dadd4/9 C CaddD D
Stab something through me, don't cut out the good things I appreciate

The lights go on, the movie's gone, and the manager is upstairs
He says he doesn't care if we take all our money back
Day and night we walk these aisles in the same old movie show
We look for someone to feel for a while


Have fun!


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