Chours 1: (spoken)

This song will discuss four main parts of the brain, the cerebrum, the
Cerebellum, the limbic system and the brain stem and one individual's use or
Misuse of these parts.

Verse 1:

Inside my head, or inside my brain,
Is that part of me which keeps me sane,
Which helps me discern between right and wrong,
And other things I'm gonna talk about in this song,
It's time for the people to know, so now I tell 'em,
What goes in my cerebrum and my cerebellum,
The though process that helps me get dressed,
Get up and go to school, sit down and take a test,
It helps me determine if a girl is fine,
And the steps necessary to make her mine,
It tells me if something is cold or hot,
And I don't mess it up with crack, coke, or pot,
It helps my hearing, taste, touch and sight,
And smell so that I can tell that everything's alright,
It tells me when to get up and when to go to bed,
This is some of what goes on inside my head,
Inside my head, I wonder what might happen,
If the day came and I stopped rappin',
Would I still have friends or be all alone,
Do they like me for me or for the microphone,
And also, when I go on a date,
To a fancy resteraunt, a hundred dollars a plate,
And people stare, is it because they recognize me,
Or are they knee-jerk reacting to what they see,
I'm sorry, let me make it somewhat clear,

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