Jeezy the snowman i make it winter time
heard the streetz hunger so its dinner time
watchin as they patroll they patroll the state
Jeezy the snowman I patroll the weight
Verses 1-
36 o's for the nin-teen five front door service
u aint even gotta drive stacks on deck
fuck what a hatter think
lotta died white boys equal money
cte is the click that i claim
know some real niggas that claim the same (yep)
they dont want war they want beef
72 karats on my snowman dopeboy fresh 4x black tee
and its a million muthafuckas feelin just like we
rollin phat like that Oparah bitch
color purp all smoke is that purple shit
see the red dogs run like black hustla music
we call it trap- hop a whole lot of bakins soda in a glass pot

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