Chea, C & Neef baby
We grown men (roc wit me)
I don't know what they told you (roc wit me)
But im a grown man ma (we grown men ma)
And he's grown too baby

She my down ass chick
Love me plus she like to come down my strip
Get paralyzed, wipe down my shit
I love you boo, you my bug-a-boo, tight bug ya boo
all day, all night, then I murk when the birds chirp

(yeah) If you want it
(yeah) You can get it
Still doing shows and after parties, and after da party, it's back to da party, then our crib (2x)

Niggas is stingy, we party where I live
Niggas offended like beg ya pardon dats my chick
Exscuse me, this aint our first time here
But dont approach me lie that
Get roasted like that
Damn shorty playin' with yo emotions like that
You a grown man she got you open like that
You na put somethin' around her finger

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