Chorus: betta honk dem horns
betta watch dem doors
(both of dem)
ya betta root for porns
betta root for whores
(all 4 of dem)

Repeat 2x

[K.P.] Verse 1: who I be K.P.
das me a Y2G
Lil'One my yeggz Lil'Jay and Baby T
If somebody need to be handled das
das alright wit me
I'll make sure dat we knock 'em straight off of dey feet
(honk dem horns)
If ya got bandanas lil'yeggz tho 'em up
rep yo clique cause If somebody disrespectin tho 'em up
I floss my iced thangs raise 'em on up high
if it's dark outside raise my hand and light da sky
(watch dem doors)
if for any reason i'm out to get cha
i'll sneak up in yo house so quiet like I'm a ninja
we dem plastic boys
(cause we strapped wit plastic toys)
we'll make dem plastic roars
(jus' like we make plastice noise)
(play my game)
please don't copy me cause ya'll play sloppily
buy up so much property jus' like I play monopoly

Chorus: Repeat 2x

[Lil'Jay] Verse 2: Lil'Jay and Baby T
hit u up like some pigs
run up on ya ask questions later splitin up ya wigs
lets talk about dis ice dat i carry
(so much karats)
like a full course veggie again
(so much karats)
all 4 of dem all

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