(Verse 1)
Although the sun has been around for a long time, still has the ablity to shine
And although the moon lights up the night, sometimes it like to hang out in the sunshine
And although green grass sometimes turns brown, its refreshed when rain drops come falling down
Creation starts, and then its renewed, by a single touch by you

So I depend on you, no matter what I do
I know youll always come through
You'd never change the rules
I can depend on the alwaysness

Never change you remain
Faithful through lifes up and downs still the same
Everlasting love for me so heavenly
Thats the alwaysness

(Verse 2)
The seasons change without a calendar
And the breezes know how and when to blow
Never have to wonder where the water goes because it all flows to the ocean floor
Evreything reacting in common sense
When placed beneath the awe of your omnipotence
Please wont you show me how should be
So glory I can give

(Chorus x2)

It's so simple when I do things your way
So I try everyday, but sometimes my path can get hard
Even when I start off with the best of intentions I get weak and fall short
And I know when I'm down you'll be there to lift me up
Your love will never waver...

(Chorus x2)

The alwaysness of.....

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