As I sit here takin' a crap
I write myself's a gansta rap.
You will say "dat's phat" and
I will say "I know dat"

As I look over at dos trees, I c
dat they filled wit some bees.
They all go "buzz buzz buzz"
but it ain't be as cool as soda

I sit at home all alone..strokin' on ma
bone. Den da dog, he come, and
he say "yo leroy! I wants to have
some fun!" so's I pick up da news-
paper, and I fro it to him. he picks
it up, and says "let da games

Now after I tink about dis rap, I
realize it's not all dat phat. It
not even a gansta one..just one
I wrote for fun. Now peez leave
me be's...I got 2 fine honey's.
They coming over, and gonna give
me a bulldozer...Wat? Wat wrong
wit me getting a bulldozer? U saying
a homie ain'ts allow to have one?
Wat? mMss off!! Wat? Mess off!!

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