Worshipping the serpent, raising the dead
The wizard's spell is ringing in my head

Once upon a time, and so very far away
In a place that you can't find, better kneel and prey
Sacrifice of blood, macabre human feast
Faces in the mud, slayed by the beast
Worshipping the dark, playing with the dead
Grinning like a shark, deamon in your head
The dead shall rise again, and walk upon the earth
Wizard's words ring true, death will bring rebirth
Eternal lies in the serpents eyes
Voodoo spirits walk alive
Macabre sights in the Voodoo night
Wings of death'll hunt you down

Oh, you know too much, just a little touch
Of the forbidden knowledge

Casting Evil Spells we're children of the grave
The serpent's raising hell, turn masters into slaves
Sitting on his throne in temples of doom
His evil powers grown in eternl gloom

If you see the truth, the deamon is unveiled
Leave behind the fools and all of those who've failed
They will never learn,
No matter how they try
Forever they will burn,
Already dead they cannot die

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