Your not in control
When there's romance
Put on your heart
You don't even know
Cause when it's real
You fall to hard
And that even so
You try to play
Like nothing's wrong
No you can't run
Away there is no
Hiddening place
Cause you can't
Run from your heart.
Your eyes they
Tell me secrets
That you can't deny
Your eyes they
Show me feelings
That you hold deep
Inside. How would
I know the secrets
That you try to hide
Cause when i look
In your eyes the truth
Is alive i knew you be mine.
So now that it's on
It's time to face reality
It's time to be strong
Take on your insecurity (baby)
Don't be afraid youv'e
Gotta let your feelings flow
No you can't run away there is no hiddening place you gotta be true
To your heart.
Now that your all
Turned out don't you
Just love the way that
It feels (yeah yeah)
NOw you can't do without
My love and you know
It's for real now
Why you denay yourself
I will never never never
Understand it because
I love you and you
Love me to and that's
Just the way that it is (yeah)

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