Howling Voices Through The Night
Sneering At A Starving Child
Taunt Is Their Only Emotion
Tremendous Laughters In The Cold
A Frozen Landscape
Killed All Kind Of Man
Steel And Meat
Grow Out The Earth
The Signs To Follow Are The Signs To Recognize
Do I Wanna Live Here Do I Wanna Stay Alive
Sometimes I Ask For Meaning
Can You Imagine What It's Like
Can You Imagine What It's Like
A Broken Goddess Inattentive
Fowling Lean Betrayed By Youth
Our Fortess Struggles In Suffocation
Sanguanaried By The Mob It Scents The Blood
Oppres The Slaves They're Pagans Still
The Swamp Seems Deep Traitors Everywhere
In Rags We Stand Before The Golem

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