[Raekwon the Chef]
Yeah, yeah, I see erything, I see erything, youknowhatI'msayin?
It's like when we come through
You better have your fuckin third eye open, you know
Cause that's what time it is youknowhatI'msayin cause it's like
When you walk, you strivin for perfection
That's what we doin, understand?
So all that little fake shit out there
We know the science on that, we done seen that shit
From from from difference of angles, yaknowhatImean?
It's like, yo kid, for real
Wu-Tang, we set off a lot of shit in this shit kid, yaknowhatImean?
But you know, you know us we play it calm, humble, yaknowhatImean?
But I just be checking out niggaz darts and I be like
Damn, them niggaz, them niggaz is really, really, really, really, really
Thinkin it's they shit!
Ahehe, aheheh, yaknowhatImean?
But it's all good cause I'm the soul controller, yaknowhatImean?
Rather I say we the soul controllers
The bottom line, like I said deal with freedom, justice, equality, you know?
Keep shinin, add on
Food, clothin, and shelter
All my niggaz, go pick up uniforms go when you buy this album
Go pick up uniforms, for real, yaknowhatImean?
Cause don't think we doing this just for anybody
We doing this shit for certain niggaz kid
Certain people rather
Certain certain fans, certain supporters
Certain delegators, word
What the fuck man
I'm tired of seeing these fake ass niggaz fuckin
Runnin with the fuckin globe
Ain't even, ain't even really seein it the way it
It should really be seen, yaknowhatImean?
It's like, if you going to spread mathematics, spread it right

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