[Raekwon the Chef]
Scrape y'all motherfuckers
This is my word, when you see us
When you see us flashing and shining
And building and adding on
Y'all niggaz just watch it, hear me
Only ones that who we got respect for
Is them niggaz that we say peace to
Hear me, pay attention, put your shoes on
Yo, my team be bellyaching hungry niggaz on the swarm again
Pirahna niggaz bite dick, yo Son, it's on again
What up, he made a move, try to assist it
Listen kid yo, you was born to be a pawn but I'm a bishop
Back to the novel, you Son, it's logical
How you figure God, what, flow on the track, flip the obstacle
Now my proposal, it's the global
From California to courts, it's over God, so taste the tofu
Remember baggy jeans, the Timberlands in November
Shorty called me Santa in December
But guess what, my Wally's got messed up
Autograph presser what, blast enough to blow your rest up
We scrape that, Land O' Lake that
My dolo rapper get you sent back
Represent the gentlemens who bent that
Flash medallions like Italians
La costra nostra, we moving through your hood like a poster
Flex this, Lex and Diamonds hold the settlement
So keep the bust the gun Boo

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