It's a long time ago.
We are changed us all.
But there's something that us stick togetherWe enjoyd the time.
Now we know it's past and it will never be as it was.
We are in agrement.

Those were the best days of our life.
Both of us, we know this.
But what think the other?
We wish, we could turn back the time.
Everything to live trought. Every minute, every day to experience again.

We learnded from this time.
It was so funny, and sad simultaneous.
Perhaps plays love an importement part.
I can't explain my feelings.
We just know, that we'll never forget this time.
No matter, waht will strain.
We'll stay together and in our mind, we will always memories wear with us.

The summer of 98, those are the best days of my life!

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