Dear lifetime

Dear lifetime
Listen to me
Are you standingwaiting for me?
Are you runningwill you follow me?

Dear lifetime
Answer me
What will remain of us?
Remain of us

I won’t turn aroundI will wait
I can run awayI will stay
Was I born with loneliness to die?
Was I born with loneliness to die?

You’ve died before
And you nestled in against
Against my chest
I feel ashamedyou sound so cold
I feel ashamedyour blood is old


I laid down my soul so you could see
I had no identity
I drowned in my homemade loneliness
And died of the thirst of my selfishness


Dear lifetimedear lifetimedear lifetime


You sound so coldI feel ashamed
Your blood is old

Dear lifetimedear lifetimedear lifetimedear lifetime

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