Where are the heroes
In my time of need?
Is my crying abandoned
or have they gone?
oh no

They just tend to stand
Out of the rain
Thinkin'but not acting
like they're not to blame

Fallin' and crawlin'
A fight to stand up
Mermory still haunts me
In the dead of the night

Over and over
I felt so small
But one day I'll be stronger
And you better watch out

I will overcome
In violence there's silcence, oh no
It can't be undone
I will overcome
Knowing that I'm not the only one
I will overcome
It's the only way to carry on

Where are the saviours?
Afraid of the toll
Sorry, do my nine inch nails
slash your soul?

Such heroes
Throwing stones
straight at the one
who is standing alone

Twisting and turning
It's always the same
The truth is never honest
when you're to blame

Pushing and pulling
and never give in
One day I wish you'd see
you're not, so beautiful within


Run and Run
Run and Rum


I will overcome

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