Iґm a midnight mover, huh! all the night through
Iґm a midnight teaser huh! real soul pleaser
Iґm a midnight hurter (a midnight hurter)
All night lover, look-a-here, (and a lover)
Trust in me when youґre down and out
(please baby) I will always bring you out (ooo)
They call me the midnight mover, oh yeah,
Ay! Iґm a midnight walker, sweet soul talker
Iґm a midnight creeper, all day sleeper
Iґm a midnight rover, I have to look things over
Leave your love light shinin bright (please baby)
Makes me know that everythings alright
Ay! Ah! Iґm a mover, groover, teaser, pleaser
Hurter, lover, Wow! talker, OW!
Got to be a midnight mover, (whoa)
Got to be a midnight groover, (whoa)
Got to be a midnight teaser, (whoa)
Got to be a real soul pleaser, (whoa)
Got to be a midnight hugger,(whoa)
Got to be a mignight lover,(whoa)
Got to be a midnight walker,(whoa)
(A midnight walker, whoa)
I got to be a midnight talker, whoa
I midnight pleaser.........fades

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