Iґm so glad to be here tonight!
Iґm glad to be in your wonderful city!
An I gotta little message for ya
That a friend of mines told me a few years back
Iґm talkinґ bout brother, Solomon Burke,
You all know him, donґt cha?
These are the words he told me, children:

Everybody, needs somebody, everybody, needs somebody
To love, someone to love, sugar to kiss, sweetheart to miss, now
And a I need a ( you, you, you) and I need a (you, you, you)
In the morninґ baby, (you, you, you), when the sun goes down
(You, you, you) ainґt nobody eles around (you, you, you)
AAAWWW! sometime I feel, feel a lttle sad inside, ah, my baby deceived me
Iґll gotta have a love to find
And I need,(you, you, you) someone to see me through (you, you, you)
And to hold my hand (you, you, you) try to make me understand
AAYY! ow! tuh, tuh, tuh,a- talkinґ bout I need ya, ha
A donґt you know I need ya?
I need ya in the morninґ, ow! I need ya, tuh, tuh, hey!
Come on, donґt ya (I need ya) you know I need ya?Aaw!
Let me hear you say, Yeah!, let me hear you say, Yeah!
Yeah,Yeah! Oh you know I need you (need you) Aw, yeah!
You know I need you, (need you) surely do
Hold my hand, when the sun is goin down
Let me hear ya say Yeah! Aw, yeah! Alright!
My soul is wantin you, Ow! (fades)........

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