Pimp and player all they do is smaking up, you talking junk my brother wont you come and bag it up.Im only 15 and im still making in the world keep on talking junk im gone make you into a squarl
My name is willieo and bout to make pain nigga hustling avery day but life aint still the same avernight i gang bang niggas think i aint got no heart but these niggas is going sour like a part tart
my nigga j showing what real i dont carry no armor but a lot of steel in Atl you got to be hard if you dont yo but is like a babby boy played like a toy you look shady
Repeat 4 times
Life aint the same no moe
comeing up in this hood

I gave that hoe a flower i fucked her for a hour i made her puЯy sour jumed oof in the shower got me a tower money,money power
i chew you up and deviour leaving niggas talent broke dint you here the word i spoke i done one who made yo mamma choke im not getting slaked stop yo aЯ in yo back beat ya butt with a plaque
what you think about that driving like a manic killer killer then attac
From william free style

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