You say everything
I don't want to hear
I'll pretend I dont mind
As long as you're near
Clouds, clouds passing by
Our head and ears
We sit idly by
Let go the years

I can make everything fade away

We sit softly on
Our grassy knoll
Watching the river bed
And the waters flow
Watching as it goes by
Your house and more
Turns the corner round the bend
And flows no more


Reach into your bag
And pull out a gun
Put it up to my head
You've got six shots
To make one
As long as your around
I'd be better off dead
It'd make everything
Better in the end


I've seen every tear
You've ever shed
I can count them on one hand
Have five fingers left
I've seen everything
Fade away
Whats gone tomorrow
Never happened today


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