(wild orchidsylvia bennett smith)

Now that we’ve traveled through mountains
Now that we swam throught the sea
I’m sure we can go just a little bit further
As long as there’s still you and me

Ahead I can see a few showers
Maybe we’ll weather a storm
It’s my turn to watch as you sleep by the meadow
I’ll keep us both safe from all harm

Just as long as I know that you’re here with me
We can crumble the mountains divide the sea
If we try than we canif we stick to the plan
Of l-o-v-e as long as there’s still you and me
You and meyou know I love you baby
You know I love you boy

Side by sidehand in hand we’ll keep moving
Temptation might call out my name
You’ll be the first to say go ahead and answer
And I’ll be the first one to say

The magic that’s found in dreams
Is the music you put in me
We’ll build castles up in the sky
That’s the power of you and i

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