Everything circeled around meI stood next to myself
I think I drank too much
I saw you sitting there
I saw you standing there
Smiling and being happy
I could just look at youand think: What is wrong with me
I know these days with you are gone, forever
I know these days with you are past, wohoh

I wanted to touch your arms
To touch every single part of you
I wanted to hold you in my arms
To look into your eyes
I wanted to hear you sayI will love you forever
I wanted to kiss you
I wanted to be in you


These are my remembrances of you
They are a short review of my life
and please don't tell me, that I don't know
I've cut yours like a knife, wohoh
I've cut yours like a knife

Fate is just like a stormy wind
This wind takes me away from you
I'll never get a second chance
I'll never come back to you


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