Place of no-return square on one-way street

Come on boy wake up, it's time to dig the garden over
Wood's gotta be chopped don't be lazy night is over
When will you stop livin' at my expense,Working nothing decent, blowing money with your shabby friends oh

I do it every night
Just wanna be your son,
Isn't this my right ?

Sorry - for being a man tonight
Sorry - for living my life
Sorry - I need my own illusions
Sorry - that there's confusion

Order and obedience is what you gotta learn by hard
If you don't work, we have ways to make an oddball willing
You will get pressure, spin and speed in one direction
The army is your best and only satisfaction

I hear this every day
Wanna pack my bags, wave for good-byeAnd head away

Sorry – for being a pacifistic guy
Sorry – for not living this lie
Sorry – I need my own illusions
Sorry – that there's confusion

I have a reputation that would make Don Juan proud of me
I have no patience and music is my destiny
I've got a lot of loving, it's enough to give your sun a rise
And in the end I never will apologize
I did it all my life
Wind in my face,I give the new year a high-five

Sorry – for being mad tonight
Sorry – for being alive
Sorry – for fucking this girl tonight
Sorry – manners are out of sight

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