Saw a man about fifty or so
He looked lonely but his eyes were bright
He was walking up the Holland Park Road
And I stopped him to ask for a light
He practacally froze when I spoke
But eased when he saw my cigarette
Then I saw as he lit up my smoke
Beneath his coat he was naked and wet

With eyes full of shame
For he knew that I knew
He slumped to the wall with a moan
I said "I know there's no name
For what you go through
But how can you do it alone."

I crossed the street to the local newstore
Flicked through some cheap magazines
Beside me some schoolkid I saw
Push some girlie mags down into his jeans
The shop girl was watching amazed
Asked me to call for the police.
She screamed at his blushing young face
And he escaped into the streets.

With eyes full of shame etc.

Do it alone, how can you do it alone,
I need your help, so I can do it by myself.
Do it alone, don't have to breathe down a phone
I ain't got a clue, 'bout the things that you do
But how...can you do it alone.

How can you do it.

Back at the flat my girl sat in the shower
And wasn't too keen on me sharing
She came out well after an hour
And by that time I was past caring
Some women it seems have the knack

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