m: [email protected] (Brad Goldman)
Subject: Re: CRD: 'Faith in Something Bigger' by The Who
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 10:31:18 -0400 (EDT)
I wrote this for The Who Guitar Archive (Whotabs) site
(http://www.thewho.net/whotabs/), not realizing that OLGA was still
Faith in Something Bigger, by the Who
from Odds n' Sods
Intro: Hold the 5th fret of the B-string to get an E drone. The notes
go on the E-string to make different voicings of the E chord:
4 4-5-sl-7 7-5-4 4-2-0 0-2-4
Verse chords should be on the G,B,e strings:
E xxx454
F#m xxx675
D xx0775
The A at the end of each line of the chorus can be played as xxx9109
By fingering the verse as above, you can incorporate the melody into
the guitar playing. The verse chords are played with the E string
4 4-5-4-2-4
5 5-7-5-4-5
By playing the same notes two octaves down, you get the short solo. I
start on the D string, 6th fret.
It may be [E] warm,
But the snow is going to [F#m] fall
Enough to cover us [D] all.
We've gotta be [B] strong men (na-na-na-na)
And follow a [G] path again. (na-na-na-na)
We've got to have
Faith in something bigger,
Faith in something bigger,
Faith in something big inside [E] ourselves
It might be [E] cold,
But the heat of our love will [F#m] melt
The snow we've never [D] felt.
We're young and [B] hardy again
We bow to [G] weaker men.
We've got to have
[G] The more we learn, [D] the less we begin to be true.
[G] The more we prove, [A] the more remains to be proved [Asus4/A].
Solo over verse
We've gotta be [B] strong men
And follow a [G] path again.
We've got to have
Inside our[B7]selves.
[B7] Faith in something bigger (repeat and fadeout)
- Brad Goldman
([email protected])

cal woods wrote
brad -
i don't see the file 'faith_in_something_bigger.*' in the directory main/w/who
am i blind? if so, send the URL again. if not, send the complete file to
[email protected]
- Brad Goldman

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