By The Who
>From Who's Next, 1971
Written by Pete Townshend ©1971 Fabulous Music Ltd
transcribed by
[email protected]
Electric: Tune down 1/2 step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
Acoustic: Capo on 1 (standard tuning)
[chords] (electric) (acoustic)
Bb7sus4 xx4252 x13141 and x13144
Bb7 xx4242 x13131 and x13134
Bb x244xx x13331 or 13366
Ab x022xx (4)x1144
Ab6 - x(1)111x
F# - xx4322
Db - x43121
Eb 022400 or x(1)1343 or xx1346
Eb5 02xxxx x(1)134(3)
Dbadd9 xx0230 x43144
Eb6sus4 042200 xx1344
Gb 3x00xx x44322
Eb7 020100
[bridge chords; electric tacit (I've put them in
for single guitar arrg, e.g., Who's Missing)]
Eb xx2100 xx1343 (xx1346; second time)
Ebmaj7/D xx1100 x51343
Ebadd9/Db xx0100 x41341
Ebsus2/Ab x02200 4x1141 (Ab6)
Dbadd9 xx0230 x41141
Fsus4 244422 133311
F 244322 133211
[Note: Leads are approximate. Leads are transcribed for electric/Eb tuning;
chords symbols above leads are for acoustic/capo]
|Bb7sus4 | |Bb7 | |Bb7sus4 | |Bb | |

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