I’ve never had a home sweet home life
An’ I don’t want a nine to five
So many women I know
Think they can tie me down
ButI will never let them take me alive
I hit an’ runhit an’ runhit an’ runhit an’ runhit an’ run.

Now some women say they don’t want nothing
But a sweet talkin’ bull of a man
I’ve heard it beforeI can’t hear it no more
’cos they all take whatever they can

Butstill I want a heartbreaker
A love makera soul shaker
A women who can turn me on
For a just little hit an’ runhit an’ run

She can be a love stealer
A double dealera free wheeler
As long as she can turn me on
For just a little hit an’ run
A little bit of hit an’ run

You can keep your lock and key
No ball and chain can harness me.
Take me home tonight
Love and treat me right
Butin the morning you’ll find me gone
I hit an’ run.

Hit an’ run...

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