Listen up

And I was sitting lonely in my car
Watching her come and go
And I could feel the strings pulling my heart
From the old house,
That I used to know,
Like a river (like a river)
That was flowing (that was flowing)
She was coming (she was coming)
Without knowing (without knowing)
And our love’s the river that somehow lost its flow,
Lost its flow, well

From my car I can see her there
As the curtains slowly moves
As he runs his fingers through her hair
And the fire slowly grooves, well

What’s the answer to this pain
I wanna get back to her love again
There she’s sitting in that room

Then she walked ‘cross the street
Could she feel there’s a heat
From my heart as it beats with her love
In her eyes other guys
See the fair that is there
But she might never
She might never know

And I was sitting lonely in my house,
Wanting to tell her,
Wanting to call,
And say I know I let you down,
Without thinking,
His love might fall
No more hurting,
No more clowning,
This emotion
Isn’t drowning,
And if the river’s gonna save our true love after all, after all, well

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