A fragile Heart,
Was broken before
I donґt tink it could endure
Another pain
But there`s a voice from deep
Inside of you
That`s calling out to make you
That this new bond gives inspiration
To all who feel no love appeal
No more
So how can i break this wall
Around you
That`s aiding both our hearts to
Grow in pain

So foreget your past, and we can
Dream tomorrow
Save our hearts for care and lovin too
It`s hard i know, but oh one things for sure
Don`t go and break this fragile

A hurting mind in need of
I don`t think i could endure
Another pain
But baby in you, I`ve found
Affection I have never felt before

So don`t let your past
Destroy what comes tomorrow
Don`t go and break this fragile

With all this fire,
That burns between us
There`s so much to lose
Yet so much more to gain
And if I coul, choose the
World around me
The world Iґd choose,
Would all revolve around you
So help me complete the game
Inside me
And help to mend this
Fragile Heart

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