We are, on fire, we have, desires, but one, is that way, one backstreet boy is
And we don’t want to be mean, since now he’s a queen, don’t ask please, which
Backstreet boy is gay?

Tell me who? ain’t sayin that it’s aj
Tell me who? ain’t sayin that it’s howie
Tell me who? I never wanna hear you say: which backstreet boy is gay?

Now I can see him, he’s in womens clothes, but he don’t need an iud, yeah,
He likes village people, he’s playin croquet, his dog is a pekinese.
He is on fire, his back, prespires,
Wont say, wont say, wont say, whos gay!
He’s always sayin: ain’t nuthin but a butt-ache, ain’t nuthin but a friutcake,
He’s pickin up a souffl which backstreetboy is gay?

Ok, we’re all gay.

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