(yeah... Check me.)When I look in the mirror
I can't believe what I see
Tell me, who's that funky dude
starin' back at me?
Broken, beaten down can't even get around
without an old-man cane I fall and hit the ground
Shivering in the cold, I'm bitter and alone
Excuse the bitchin' - I shouldn't complain
I should have no feeling, this feeling and this pain
as everything I need is denied me
and everything I want is taken away from me
But who do I got to blame? Nobody but me

I don't wanna be a old man anymore
It's been a year or two since I was out on the floor
Shakin' booty, makin' sweet love all the night
It's time I got back to the good life
It's time I got back, it's time I got back
and I don't even know how I got off the track
I wanna go back, yeah!

Screw this crap, I've had it!
I ain't no mr. cool
I'm a pig, I'm a dog
so 'scuse me if I drool
I ain't gonna hurt nobody
ain't gonna cause a scene
I just need to admit I want sugar in my tea
Hear me? (Hear me?) I want sugar in my tea!


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