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From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 23:11:28 -0400
Subject: mykel_and_carlie.tab
From: Ben Wampler ([email protected])
I'm the one who posted the lyrics to this. After some fiddling around, I
got most of it down (not very accurate, but at least will give you a start)
Please don't criticize this (but I do love corrections!), I'm a 15-year-old
guitarist in a local band, and don't claim to know all of the music theory
stuff, I just play it like it sounds.
---= Mykel & Carli by WEEZER =---
NOTE: Intro not played with power chords, but open chords!
G, C, D, (Funky chords*)
* The funky chords are:
(D) (G)
e --2-2--2--2--3--------------------------------------------
B --3-3--3--3--3--------------------------------------------
G --2-2--0--2--0--------------------------------------------
D ----------------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------
NOTES: The 2-3-0 is a D chord with a finger pulled off
The 3-3-0 is the bottom of the G chord. I can't really switch
as fast when putting on the whole G chord, but it still
sounds ok like I have it transcribed.
G5 C5 D5 G5
Back in Wilson High, I had two best friends
They lived down the block
Where the road stop is
G5 E5 F#5 G5
What'cha get for my bones, they fed my icecream cones
What'cha get for my happiness, wouldn't leave me alone
There is an interlude guitar riff after these versus:
Back in Wilson High, said I had two best friends
Until the schoolbus came
And took away my friends
Now I'm left alone at home, to sit and think all day
They gave me a hat, the hat was awful rad
Wore it every day, made my teacher mad
She tore it off my head, now my head's well, red
It gets golden-nice sometimes, but I can't be mislead

D5 C5 A5 G5
Here you lead, Mykel
Here you lead, Carli
Here you lead, Mykel
Here you lead, Carli
-last verse:
oh oh no, Mykel
oh oh no, Carli
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

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