Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 10:57:21 -0700
From: [email protected] (mike sai)
Subject: weezer/in the garage
heres in the garage by weezer on there self titled album
the only credit I can take for this is typin it up. my friend Darin Morris
transcribed it so here it was. [email protected] make it to chexmix
for any coments and corrections
intro. finger picking. sound great with accoustick

e----------------! the rest is just awhole bunch of power chords
B----------------! such as C/G 3355xx
G---0-----0--0--0! D/A 5577xx
D------2---------! E 022xxx
A---3-----2--0---! G 355xxx
E---------------3! A 57xxxx or x02xxx
theres a couple of wierd w2 x25xxx
chords so i call them w2 w3 x05xxx
and w3 cool weezerchord2 and
3 ok if ya no the reel names *e--3------3---
mail me *B----3-------3
verse 1
C/G-- D/A------------- E----
i got dungeons masters guide
C/G-- D/A---- E--
i got 12sided die
C/G-- D/A-- G----
i got Kitty Pride
G-------------------------------------D/A E-----*-----*
and nightcraller too,waiting there for me, yes i do i do
that chord progression is for all verses oky dok
G------D/A--- A------E----G------D/A----C---w2w3G---
in the garage i feel safe no one cares about my ways
in the garage where i belong no one heres me sing this song
theres the chorus thats all folks
source: chexmix adress at top will up date soon late chexmix

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