Ran my Chevy through the car wash
Threw the beers cans out
Emptied all the ash trays
Cleaned a little house

Got my Allman Brothers cassettes
Stacked up on the dash

Got some jack back in the trunk

And a tank full of gas
Stopped and bought some roses
To sweep you off your feet
Yes i'm going for the limit,girl

I'm gettin' in the real deep

Dusted off my Dingos
Got my Levis pressed

Gonna break into your heart

And steal what i love best

Yes i'm armed and dangerous

Woman you've made me a desperate man
Armed and dangerous

Comin' for your lovin' yes i am
Take a ride out in the country
Where the grass is tall and cool
And do some barefoot dancin'
How's that sound to you

And i've got some other things
That i might suggest

But if i put them on this record

I'd be under arrest
Chorus (x2).

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