I was here when time began
I was in them all
A wicked one magicianґs hand
Iґm what John had saw
Iґm a thing that lives and breathers
With slaves to worship me
There are many that are born of me
Anytime there are many meґs

Crowned messiah, I crucified him
And still ya donґt believe
I am kings-I am queens
Unholy terrors me

Iґm the feces of the species
Still youґre all in awe
Iґm something a prophet saw
Hister with a rise all fall

Obsessed with Le nnon
Manifested Marx
Iґm incest in the hearts of dark
Iґm riding on some atomic bomb-
To blind you all into King-dom-come
I am - I am - I am - I am

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