A tattooed madman, I am hell on wheels
Born a wicked child left alone in the
My father was the wind, my mother was
Raised by the wolves and I grew up wild
A kamikaze man, a hollering "Banzai"
Never crash and burn, never gonna die
Cannibal is me, ya squeal and shout
I chew ya up and spit ya out

Storms a c-c-coming and it's gonna be
Here comes Trouble, with a capital "T"

Cause I'm a mean mother fucking man
I gotta scream, that's what I am
All the way, all the way
Cause I'm a mean mother fucking man,
Riding the wind and know I'll be damned
All the way, all the way
All the way

Chewbacca in the rye
The water of fire
A terror in the flesh, a killer for hire
California man
I'm white line, "Homer"
The unruly one they call the "Blond
Scooter gypsy, I'm a renegade
An orphan of the road
A live hand grenade
Never gonna quit before my time
When the moon gets high, then I'll be

Mad dog 20-20's king
I drink that stuff and start getting

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