Yo I wanna take this time out to dedicate this song
To one of the most beautiful ladies in the world
Could never imagine
Yeahole maethat’s my mommay’know
To one of the most beautifulest ladies in the world
I love ya mommakeep it strong for ya

Chorus: repeat 2x

My mommaused to tell me quit smoking weed
My mommagave me everthing I need
My mommasaid keep faith in god
My mommamommamommamommamomma

[warren g]
From the beginningsoon as my feet touched the earth
For what it’s worthshe loved the boy from birth
Kept me fedcombed my head
And tapped that tail when I didn’t do what she said
Through the years comin up momma always provided
And when the times got rough momma always tried to hide it
Divide it among usbut pardon the youngsters
Told us never to liesmoke dopeand cuss
She stood tall and proud like a supermodel on a catwalk
And momma didn’t take no back talk
She’s the main reason why I roll today
That’s why I dedicate this to ole mae
That’s my momma


[warren g]
As a young teenager I started to clown
My momma did all she could to try to slow me down
Tired of her son be brought by the cops
Sent to go stay with my pops
He taught me to be my own manand when I disrespected
He put me out on the streets to find my own land
Now I’m servin on the urban street corner
Smokin budsippin coronas in long beachcalifornia
But I promised my momma I would make it to the top
And use this rap to put her in the drop
She the main reason why I roll today
That’s why I dedicate this here to my ole mae


[warren g]
As I grew upblew up in the g-funk era
I see my momma everytime I take a look in the mirror
I’m thankful she gotta chance to see me shine
My momma’s in my heart and my soul and mind
Controllin mineso I can stand strong
For ya grandkids to let em know that ya spirit lives on
I really miss youbut I know ya looking over
Lead me on the right trackthe angel’s on my shoulder


[warren g]
So I want y’all to treasure ya mom
Ya knowso if y’all got a bad relationship
Or y’all on bad termspatch it up
Ain’t nothing wrong with that
Thats a precious jew-el
Remember thatwe all gotta go through it
So stay strongdown disdis roadya know
But I cant forget about all the poeple
Out there that I loveand got my back
So I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna shoot a shout out
My daddymy sistasmy brothersmy girlmy kids
My cousinsmy auntiesmy unclesmy grandmomma
My granddaddyall my homeboysall my homegirls
And everybody out there that got loveknowwhati’msaying?
We gotta keep it like thatwe gotta keep it groovin

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