I'm alive and you're alive
And don't we both deserve to be happy?
We realize we're not the same
So no one here should take the blame,
It's o.k. to walk away and live to love another day,
This is not a fairytale
This is life
And sometimes life fails
Thought I'd let you know
Just before you go
It's alright
Make your brand new start
But keep me in your heart and you'll be fine
That's reality
As water flows beneath the bridge
We're learning how to forgive,
As milk spreads out across the floor
We both agree it's not worth fighting for
Nothings perfect except for God
and a California sunset,
So we're not perfect it doesn't mean we're bad
There's a place in the sun for everyone
You've just got to find it
Good luck with yours
I have to go and find mine

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