After The Bomb
All Night
All We Are (с переводом)
Angels With Dirty Faces
Burning The Witches
Catch My Heart
Cold, Cold World
Dark Fade
Down And Out
Earthshaker Rock
East Meets West
Fight For Rock
Für Immer
Hateful Guy
Holding Me
Homicide Rocker
I Rule The Ruins (с табами)
I Rule The Ruins
Igloo On The Moon
Igloo on The Moon (reckless)
Kiss of Death
Lady in a Rock 'n' Roll Hell
Lady In A Rock'n' Roll Hell
Lady In A Rock'n'roll Hell
Love in The Danger Zone
Make Time For Love
Metal Racer
Metal Tango
Midnite in China
Mr. Gold
Out of Control
Shout it Out
Sign of Satan
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Speed of Sound
T. O. L.
Three Minute Warning
Time to Die
Touch of Evil
True as Steel
Under The Gun
Vorwaerts, All Right!
Vorwarts, All Right !
Vorwartsall Right !
Without You