Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 01:10:02 +0000
From: [email protected]
Subject: TAB: "Celebrate You" by Veruca Salt
"Celebrate You" written by Louise Post, performed by Veruca Salt from the
album American Thighs. Transcribed by Michael Dalby ( [email protected]) with
the help of some concert footage.
Chords Used:
Open D (XX0232)
D Power Chord (X577XX)
A Power Chord (577XXX)
Bb Power Chord (688XXX)
G Power Chord (355XXX)
C Major (81010988)
Bb Major (688766)
F Major (133211)
Ab Major (466544)
G Major (355433)
Intro: (Mostly Clean)
Open D melody, something like 4 1 2...3 1 2 1 (numbers indicate string numbers)
Verse: (Power Chords - Distortion)
D A Bb G D
I wear my patent leather shoes
D(cont) A Bb G
And my golden fleeces,
Chorus: (Major Chords - Distortion)
A Bb G C A
At your Celebration (Oh-oh, Oh-oh)
A (cont) Bb G C A
Celebration (Oh-oh, Oh-oh)
Interlude?: (Major Chords - Mostly Clean)
C, Bb, F, Ab, Bb, C
C, Bb, F, Ab, F
C Bb F Ab Bb C
And in the dream you held a gun,
C (cont) Bb F Ab Bb C
You killed off all who hurt you
Repeat - kick in distortion on...
C Bb F Ab Bb C
I'm safe here growing in the shade
Repeat 'til last chord progression, then follow pattern but slide from Ab
to C, skipping Bb at the end.
Verse: (Same as before)
Chorus: (Same as before until the end when she switches it up a little and
I get confused)
Please Post any and all improvements to this transcription.

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