Venus sheds her skin of gold
Sacrafice her life
Washes out the demon sleep
That hides between her eyes
Walking, watching, wandering out
Of soul she must persue in death
Will she reach you?


Venus takes the lightning
And her hair becomes a flame
With a guise of innocents
Who learn her unknown game
Dancing, raining, sorcery
He's caught between her heat all year
She's pleased to meet you

Flytrap - demon child
Flytrap - virgins wild
Flytrap - angels death
Flytrap - theres nothing left

Born without mortal care
Joyous of flight
Pleasing to the eye
Deadly delight

Venus arguementor
Torturing my aged soul
Fighting through the ashes
Give me back my skin of gold
Walking, Watching, Wondering
The soul she has persued in life
Will she teach you?

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