From: Natalia [email protected]

Once upon a lifetime
The spirits of the dark
Came to kill the beauty
Of our world

Every soul was spell bound
And prisoned into ice
Just shining throw
Sad as blue tattoo

Tears have turned to ice
As a sacrifice
Broken voices rise
From the age of the ice
To the raging skies
And the exorcise
'Cos on judgement day
We must hide- we must fight- we must pray- hey
It's a blue tattoo

But the monks of mercy
They prayed for every soul
'Til the sword of fire
took control

In a crash of thunder
The ice broke into two
And shining throw
There was the blue tattoo

You know
Down low
There's a light- it's a true- blue tattoo
Just go
Down low
Gotta hide now- gotta fight now-
Gotta save your soul and pray
Gotta brake the ice away
Gotta find the true blue tattoo

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