I'm starting the test
Your unbelief
Conquering emperor
Woke up your brain
Restless thoughts
Still consuming tour mind
You help my magic
With your own horrible frights
Words of wreck
Rest in your head
Triumpher of you
The self-cremation
Death - the door, you near with every day to
The way shall save your soul
Close the past of life
Cross the still of fear! you shall be free
Anxious eyes
Opened in fear
Pulsation of blood
Inside the bowels
Something cold
Touching twisted veins
Never-ending bloodu stream...
Scarley waves carry you away
Across the Style into resting place
Hear my voice, my words of your destiny
Nick your shell and fly towards me!
Rest - under my wings
Com - in my arms
Give me your life - set free your lunatic soul
Frosty edge
Penetrate again
Cuts in rage
You choose the only way
Approach my son
Give me your hand
Forget yourself
Leave all behind! you're mine!

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