Got a special interest, you're my special interest
Got a special interest, got a special interest in you
I hear you've got some pending legislation
Regarding your romantic situation
And I just want to make my position quite clear
You've got a constituent here
And you'll find before you take one more step
My hobby is to lobby on your doorstep
And that big sack of mail and the telegrams too
I'll give you one guess just who sent them to you

I've been invested with a sacred mission
To make sure that you make the right decision
Though you may wonder now, in the long run you'll see
A valuable ally in me
And if by some misguided sense of duty
You go with someone else instead of choose me
When they've all let you down, and you're looking for help
You'll find that I've swung my support somewhere else
No one has to know, when pressures are brought to bear
You can pretend that it was all your idea

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